Buenos Aires

Professor Bubbles being interviewed. Was I ever surprised to see Buenos Aries. The city was more European than South American. The men and women were, along with those of Tahiti, the most beautiful people I have encountered. I didn't stay for more than a few days, but it was a lot of fun because, after the TV show, I was recognized everywhere I went. Since my Spanish is not too good, I am not sure whether people were laughing at me or with me. The show was a typical, rambling, live South American "Sabado Noche" show. Things just kind of happen. The host found a pretty girl for me to enclose in a bubble. She asked me how she was doing in the bubble. I replied that it was too bad she
wasn't wearing a bathing suit. She laughed and took off all her clothes down to her black lace underwear. I don't remember much else about the show except that there was mahem in the studio since the show was live. It turned out that the young lady was part of a group of performers who call themselves "How Much?" They go around the city seeing how far they can push the local laws. Typically, the girls will start stripping downtown in the middle of rush hour or at public concerts.
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