Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo TV show. In 1985 I took my first professional performing job on a big TV special in Tokyo. I was quite surprised to find out that I was working with some of the wierdest people on earth. The woman with the longest fingernails, the woman with the strongest head of hair, the tallest woman in the world, the largest baby in the world, the man with the longest mustache.... well, you get the idea.
I was the first performer on this Tokyo TV show. The floor was made of plexiglass... it was unbelievably slippery by the time I was done. The producer insisted, though, that it would not be necessary to clean up until after the whole show was Tokyo TV show.
completed. The second act was a woman from Argentina who held the world's record for the strongest head of hair. The crew put a rope through a pulley in the ceiling and tied it to her hair. They then tried to hoist her in the air. The floor was too slippery, the crew couldn't even stand up! The lady was jerking around in the air... suspended from the end of the rope... screaming in pain as she was pulled up and abruptly dropped. About twenty-five crew members were quickly summoned to mop up the bubble solution. The lady with the strong hair stormed off angrily to her dressing room to take some aspirin for her headache.
Tokyo TV show. I have been back to Tokyo many times to appear on TV. On one "Circus of the Stars" type of show I helped a soap star, Yoko Oginome, make a bubble house.
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