Madrid, Spain

I took my friend Jim along with me on my first booking on a Spanish TV show. We were put up at a fine spot in the heart of town. The show went well and we stayed on for a few days so that we could go see "Don Quixote" country. The countryside was beautiful.... we had a great time. This turned out to be a relaxing time for us. I have been back to Madrid several times, always successful until the last trip a few years ago. I was booked as a filler act on a major TV awards show. All the major TV producers and stars were there. Quite confident from my previous successes, I decided to try out a new form of my act with all new dialect. Well, to make a bad story short, no one understood my Spanish.... no one applauded... people avoided me after the show. I was happy to get paid! I suspect it will be a while before I am invited back.



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