Osaka, Japan

A Contortionist  


I worked at the NGK Theater in Osaka for six weeks. The summer spectacular show was largely filled with Japanese comedians, but there were a few specialty acts like mine. This was a great way to pick up language skills since, in the guest house where I lived, at least six different languages were spoken.



Zee Denick, from Czechoslovakia, an incredibly strong foot juggler, was able to hold up Alex and Dominique, a French hand balancing duo, with ease. We all had lots of laughs and only fought over the English language videos we rented each night.... I was looking for good plots and acting, everyone else was looking for action/violence which they could more easily understand.

Zee Denick
Girl in a bubble.  


My daughter, Sandi, was my assistant in the show. I guess the experience had some affect on her..... today she is studying Japanese in college.

Chinese acts.... often delicate, graceful and, to say the least, beautiful... were very popular at NGK. This lady from the mainland was trained from birth to be a contortionist. Her body had many scars where bones and cartilage had been removed to allow her to be more flexible. Chinese Contortionist.
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