Beijing, China

Women bodybuilders posing in the Forbidden City I traveled with a group of women body builders throughout China for a month. Because the girls needed exercise equipment, we stayed at the finest hotels in Beijing, Tianjin, Guilin etc. The audiences seemed to like my bubble shows as much or more than the bodybuilding. Everywhere we went we attracted a crowd because of the way the girls dressed. After some of the girls were arrested, deported, and locked up for various crimes... another story... this is the group that was still left at the end of the tour.

We all started climbing the never-ending stairs to the top of the Great Wall. The day was extremely hot. At the lower levels one could buy a bottle of water for a dollar. By the time you reached the top of the wall, the water cost about five dollars. The wall itself was magnificent! The bodybuilders were pretty bored by it all and wanted to go back to the hotel gym. A few of us got to the top of the wall. Amazingly, below us

Women bodybuilders at the top of the Great Wall of China
there were thousands of people on their way up..... but for miles in each direction, on the top of the wall, there was no one in sight.  I am told that the Great Wall is the only man-made structure on earth which can be seen from space. This is one of the most incredible places I have ever been.
Woman bodybuilder posing in a doorway.

Much to the delight of the Chinese, the lady body builders, when they were not complaining or fighting with one another, were frequently posing for pictures.

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