Hong Kong

Group shot. We were quite a group. In the back row of this photo, third from left, is magician Connie Boyd and her husband, at the time, my agent, still, Sal Murillo. On the right of the photo are Bob Markworth and his assistant Tiger who have a crossbow act. David Lee in the lower left was our sponsor and the other guys... Paul, Casey and Steve were Connie's assistants/dancers. We split up and switched working every other night at two
nightclubs across the street from each other. The clubs were the Volvo and the Metropolitan. Generally things went well. One night the local stage hands hooked up the power wrong and during a magical floatation one of the assistants, instead of floating and revolving slowly in mid-air, spun around like a hellicopter about to take off. The night clubs were typical, exclusive oriental business man-oriented places. The cost of admission was around $100 per person. Alchohol was very expensive. A room full of pretty young hostesses in evening gowns was right by the entrance. Girls could be rented by the quarter hour. No prositiution, just company, at least at the club. Private rooms were available with a TV view of the stage. Generally, there was someone dressed up as a giant condom roaming around. The whole scene culminated each evening with a lottery drawing where the audience went beserk with excitement.
Garbage in the bay. Hong kong is really an exciting city! It still has the charm which Singapore destroyed. I suppose things will change a lot when the Chinese government takes over, but until then it is a shopper's paradise. The view from Mount Victoria can't be beat. The markets are outstanding. Recluse Bay is beautiful . Monkey Hill is a stitch. Food is varied, good, and reasonably priced. The ferry is fun as is the whole bay of ships and commerce. I could go on and on. One disturbing note, though, is the trash one sees everywhere. Raw sewage is dumped directly into the ocean , making the beaches unusable. Trash is everywhere in the streets and floating in the bays.
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