Professor Bubbles and Chappy Brazil I had always wanted to go to Singapore! Finally, Singapore Airlines hired me. Magician Chappy Brazil and I put on daily shows in downtown Singapore to promote the airline's newly opened route from New York City. The promotion was called "Hands up for New York." To us it meant something else!
I am always on the lookout for bubble-related businesses with which I might involved. I have worked with foam manufacturers, champagne bottlers, car wash makers.... you name it.... and The Bubble Tea Room in Singapore seemed like a good business to consider for my retirement. On the whole I was really disappointed with Singapore. The city, one of the most modern and well run on the Pacific Rim, has had all its historical character removed. The place is now like a large shopping mall. There is lots of good food and an excellent subway system. Professor Bubbles at the Bubble Tea Room
The government is efficient but very conservative...chewing gum is illegal and, of course, one would never create graffiti for fear of a caning. People were very friendly.... the city is still teeming with excitement..... but the charm is long gone.

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