Chicholina I went to Bogota to do a television show ... the International Festival of Humor. Ten shows were being taped in the course of five days... as far as I could figure out. The same day I was taping, the Italian Porn star Chicholina was taping a segment as well. She was a big hit... the local paper had a huge spread on her.... she is famous for co-starring in films with horses and for being elected to Italy's Parliament. She was quite talkative. When I suggested that she should have her own web site on the Internet, she wanted to know how she would make money with computers. I didn't have specific answer.... she was quiet for a minute and then leaned forward and said "I know! I'll autograph a pair of my panties and sell them to Bill Gates for a million dollars!"
Fernando and Luis.
Fernando, on the left, and Luis who booked my act, on the right, were my contacts in Bogota. Fernando was a major help to me on the TV show.... especially since I speak very little Spanish! Fernando helped me get through customs inspection at the airport going home.... the police examined every detail of my massive luggage.... finally, Fernando, in exasperation, screamed at the inspector "We're Artists... not Narcos... leave us alone! That, combined with an offer of a couple of tickets to the TV show, got me home safely. Thanks, Fernando! Thanks, Luis!

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