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What is the biggest bubble ever made?

Kids inside a large bubble On stage Professor Bubbles encloses people inside of large bubbles. He has put as many as five people at a time in a bubble.  Using a hula hoop and a basic bubble solution in a small kids' swimming pool, anyone can be in a bubble. Wait for a calm, still day and be very careful because the bubble solution is extremely slippery to stand in. If you make an especially large bubble, take a picture and send it to the Bubblesphere so we can post it for everyone to see.

Bubble Animation
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One trick is to create a rainbow bubble ... a large tube of bubble film enclosing two people standing four to eight feet apart.
Models in a rainbow bubble

Long bubble

Big bubbles, great fun!  David Stein holds the official Guinness  Book of Records mark for the longest bubble (50 feet x 2 feet in diameter using his own patented invention The Bubble Thing), and you can create long bubbles like this in your own  backyard.