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Bubble Videos/Film

Bubble Bath
Bubbles have been used frequently in movies and TV commercials.
Bubble Bath

There are a few "serious" bubble performers around the world whose videos are excerpted below.  The files are in .avi format and are several megabytes in size. BE FORWARNED,  the files will take at least several minutes to download even on a fast modem.  Click on the picture to the left to begin downloading a video clip.

Eiffel Plasterer Eiffel Plaster, "Mr. Bubbles, a physics and chemistry teacher at Huntington High School who resided in Huntington, Indiana, was making bubble history in the 1940s.   This is a clip, with sound, from an old Newsreel in which he plays basketbubble.  To everyone's dismay, Eiffel died a few years ago.
Professor Bubbles An internationally acclaimed performer, Professor Bubbles, from Chicago, Illinois, demonstrates his world-famous rainbow bubble. No sound.
Pep Bou Pep Bou is a wonderful performer from Spain.   His bubble tricks are ingenious and delivered with a marvelous sense of humor. No sound.
Fan Yang Fan Yang performs all over the world.   His dramatic show is very entertaining and original. No sound.

Bubble Animation
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